Monday – Funday..

THE WEEKENDS have ended, bringing the new wave of energy and inspiration for the new week..

Last 48 HOURS has been kind of experiment… It started on SAT 6:00 from Giro followed by the discovery of the new Scottsdale Farmers Market..

Fun place.. Smells like home.. Every other Ukrainian Grandmother has this charming garden with trees, moist air and bitter-sweet smell of herbs and growing fresh goods..combined with the really hard work and the nice traditional dinner in the end of the day…

Although next time bringing cash, as waiting in the line for credit cards can make you old…thats how long it takes! Nice atmosphere – much better for the hangout and wood-fire baked pizza lunch than the actual shopping..


Running home for breakfast showed you only need 5min to make it and 10 min to eat..quicker than reading a takeout menu..

Keeping to the schedule rushed to the gym with a basketball, run and swim-pool.

But next is even more stuff – how about the open air Shakespeare play ‘FAIRY WORLDS.

And yes I’m still crazy passioned about the goat milk
Interesting play..lack professionalism.. The sound wasn’t operated right and the actors could be more particular with the intonations.. But it made me think of the potential of this kinds of acts.. How about the Rap Opera?.. or the modern ballet with the old Russian classical style just in the middle of desert?.. It also might be Jim Jarmusch style short play sketches combined with fancy casual cheeseburger dinner?..


The SUNDAY day brought the finishing 21 stage of Giro D’ITALIA. Nario Quitano made my true and sincere..worthful win!

Japanese say

Everything ends up with sunset…and only the night ends with sunrise.


New week, new Monday… New breakfast and time to run!!


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