So is it Thursday or Friday?..

It was a smooth mid week transition to the upcoming weekends!

To start with PHOENIX ART MUSEUM was a lot of fun.. Not only it was free to enter on Wed, but also it introduced a new local artist to me, that I found interesting! COLIN CHILLANG is his name.

colin chillang az
colin chillang



That day ended up with the best PIZZA in town, and once ONE OF THE TOP BEST PIZZAS IN THE COUNTRY: PIZZA BIANCO. Lively atmosphere, real fire, joyful Italian style noise and extremely cosy interior! LOVED IT!! Although there was some serve issues – in general it’s a place to grab an ‘authentic slice’!

The next day took me the STARBUCKS PATION.. nice coffee, tones of art journals and never leaving thought from the Francis Bacon interview on Munch, Scream.. 

scream munchIn one of the journals I found this artist.. NICOLE EISENMAN. She is considered the ‘EXPRESSIONIST OF THE 21 CENTURY’ and compared to MUNCH.

The thing that bought my eye though was the old nice gentlemen on the bike, drinking milk..He was sitting like 20m away from me..though still his post-hard-night alcohol breath seemed pretty impressive..

morning coffee


These day has definitely brought some thoughts to consider… One said

Life is copying art

.. Regarding to the fact that art is creating smth not yet existing, than yes, for sure life IS COPYING art. As most of our surrounding is artificial. For this the actual art must be the reason of the formation of social evolution. But is it really so?.. At some examples, including the expressionism concept,art is actually only satisfying the function of depicting of the existential image of the time.. (Among the iconic pictures is again Munch, SCREAM)…

Sun Francisco Scream

Nevertheless, this evening is a terrible beauty!..enjoy as is let the morning show up answers!.

sunset az


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