“…And a man should use himself to think of those things only about which if one should suddenly ask, What are you thinking about? With perfect openness you might immediately answer, this or that…” – Marcus Aurelius

I approach work as an instant and the substance of it as a flux. The creation process is like a future night’s dream – a personal reflection on the events that captivated you with a splash of a random refinement. Through my work, I explore the processes and compose them into stories that I believe need to be told. I chose but not limited to acrylic on canvas and cinematography as a medium.

I believe realism is a style that acts as a means of communication with the viewer for me, making the message loud and clear, yet leaving a room to relate on the personal basis.

I admire the interconnections of every aspect of human culture and the way they move as one whole body, influencing each other and projecting onto each other. Artists that especially fascinated me were Pieter Bruegel, Egon Schiele, Andreas Gursky, and Elizabeth Peyton. I often try to implement the clean improvisational cinematic language of Werner Herzog to keep the work on a canvas organized.

At the end of a day, it is very simple — try telling someone your last night’s dream and not lose their attention.


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