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a – food paintings

SUPERMARKETS symbolize the whole consuming culture that they created. They unite everyone from a President to your next neighbor.  I admire the concept of marketing and it’s power to affect us both physically and mentally. I use acrylics on canvas as my main medium to recreate […]

b – cycling paintings

My new art series is about this impossibility to stop cycling. You just don’t stop, however, out-of-this-world the circumstances around you seem to be. Wonder how I got to this point? Read a story behind these paintings here!

c – portrait paintings

PORTRAITS are always unique. They always have a story behind them. Commission a portrait! Just shoot me an email and you’ll soon have a beautiful portrait painted for you!

d – no rest at protest paintings

no rest at protest series is inspired by a process of detachment from the homeland. I left Ukraine two years ago now. And throughout this time I was observing the changes I was facing. These includes the personal attitude towards patriotism and the phenomenon of […]

e – automotive art

Auto-motive theme inspires me with its passion. Racers are driven by a natural beauty of competition. Even though, that a path often lies through suffering and sacrifices, it is worth every second, and every experience. It is always a choice. And in this is sports value. Purchase originals […]

f – illustrations and story boards

g – installations and performance

Having majored with Stage Design and Screen Arts made me fall in love with the process of creating an atmosphere. Installations are always unique and transfer you to different world for a brief moment. FLIES by Sartre HAIKU by Matsuo Basho Frozen in the night The water-jar cracks […]

h – animation and video production

EXPIRATION contemporary ballet written by Maryna Artemenko Choreography and Dance: Lena Pul, Nikita Eryomin Music: Alexandr Cherny Design: Nastya Bezsonova Idea: MASHA Moderat “Ghostmother” Music: Moderat Illustrations, animation and video production by Masha FearFree from Маша Пасічник on Vimeo.


i – gesture paintings

GESTURES is the first and the most universal language. It is curved in our DNA. The nature of gestures language fascinates me with its raw authenticity and cross-cultural resonance.