These Places Are The Reason I Wake Up (part II)

Continuing the list (These Places Are The Reason I Wake Up (part I)), that so much aspires me make every new step… I just wanted to add that right after finishing the yesterday’s post on Iceland, I read an article on Werner Herzog’s film (that he shot last year in Iceland) Into The Inferno. It tells a story of a volcano eruption, braided into the local mythology. Its presence in Cannes and a notoriety of Herzog to be an exquisite romantic, makes The Inferno another must see.

Thinking back to the point I stopped the list makes all the dreams and pictures arise again. It is, as usual so close, yet so far. Just as far as a the airport. The next one is very special to me:


Montana, USA

I remember I was 14. I was studying in the art school for teens in Kyiv, dreaming of establishing a sanctuary for wolves and becoming a movie director. Most of my friends lived in the neighborhood within walking distance. So I walked. I came to see my friend Ksusha. She was at home in her prolonged bedroom, at the far right corner of the apartment, her family lived at. A lot of defining moments of my life somehow happened there. She was reading a book, that I unfortunately can not remember. We decided to play a game, that was quite common for kids. You ask a question, open a book randomly, read a random passage. This was supposed to be an answer to your question. Usually, one would rather make up the connection between the actually words and the question, just keep it fun. Making text fit the question is quite easy. These time it was different enough to give me shivers. I remember asking a very cheesy question: “Where will I find happiness?”. The lines of the book said straight and clear: go buy the tickets, get on the plane and fly to Montana, USA. I wish I could quote. It was the end of the chapter. My friend and I got silent. No words needed.

Terry Badlands in Montana

I haven’t been to Montana yet. It almost feels like a reserve. In case, it got too unbearable – I would still have a dream to pursue and a place I was promised to find happiness.


Beautiful Downtown Neihart, MontanaMission_Mountains_National_Bison_Range_Montana

Montana is on the far north of the US. It shares a great national reserve with Wyoming and   Idaho. Yellowstone National Park is a nearly 3,500 sq. mile wilderness recreation area atop a volcanic hot spot. Montana is also a state, that is famous for its snowboarding. But mostly, it is a secluded place where vast territories make the size a very diluted extension. The Summer is short and the winter is longer, than in most parts of the US. The film Revenant was partly shot there. The movie production team noted, though, the unusually high temperatures and lack of snow that year. Hopefully Montana is still there when I need it. And hopefully that happiness is not covered in snow.

Another place to definitely be at is:


Oslo – the city of Edvard Munch, who painted the pre XX century icon Scream. Oslo is the capital of Norway, one of the most expensive and happiest countries in the world. If you don’t earn locally, a $20 pint of beer might be a bit too feisty. I can still remember the camping zones of Scandinavian football fans in Kyiv, Ukraine during UEFA Euro 2012. Hypnotized by the $1-2 for a half litter bottled beers, Swedish were countless times noticed by the grocery stores, dragging them by blocks. That followed the articles, that Swedish consumed all of the beer researves at the fan zones.


Norway is also a very environmental friendly country. It reported to be moving towards banning the gas-burning cars by 2025. Great hiking. Plenty time to commit to it even for a full-time worker. Looks like a dream, on paper, at least to me.

Norway reached a planned 50 000 non-gas cars by 2015
Norway reached a planned 50 000 non-gas cars by 2015
Bergen Sandviken, Norway

norway-geirangerNorthern Lights near Tromsø, Norway

So far I only had a chance to visit Finland. It was a rather harsh experience. Granted I was pretty young kid. I remember a hotel that was promised to be right outside of Helsinki. Around an hour drive along the forest, in reality. I remember arriving on Sun just to realize, that nothing is open in Finland on Sundays, including the hotel reception. We found the keys in the mail box, along with a notion that we were the only visitors so far. After a few hours of struggle to find some signs of civilization, lost-in-translation issues, and false hopes to walk to a nearby town center, we managed to call a taxi. It took us to the only, still open bar. They obviously had no food, but alcohol and tea with sugar. A small gas station shop, with its heavenly cookies, was a save-of-the-day. As our further pre-travel research skill developed over time, this trip to Finland, I will never forget. There was the most gorgeous lake right in front of the hotel, surrounded with trees, bigger, than I could grasp. And that also was Finland.

Trollstigen Mountain Road in Norway
As I am watching today’s stage of Tour de France, the look at this photo makes me want to cycle there just too bad.

Lysebotn, Norway

There is much of the useful information for the future travelers, that made me very curious.

Norway landscapenorway

So is it Thursday or Friday?..

It was a smooth mid week transition to the upcoming weekends!

To start with PHOENIX ART MUSEUM was a lot of fun.. Not only it was free to enter on Wed, but also it introduced a new local artist to me, that I found interesting! COLIN CHILLANG is his name.

colin chillang az
colin chillang



That day ended up with the best PIZZA in town, and once ONE OF THE TOP BEST PIZZAS IN THE COUNTRY: PIZZA BIANCO. Lively atmosphere, real fire, joyful Italian style noise and extremely cosy interior! LOVED IT!! Although there was some serve issues – in general it’s a place to grab an ‘authentic slice’!

The next day took me the STARBUCKS PATION.. nice coffee, tones of art journals and never leaving thought from the Francis Bacon interview on Munch, Scream.. 

scream munchIn one of the journals I found this artist.. NICOLE EISENMAN. She is considered the ‘EXPRESSIONIST OF THE 21 CENTURY’ and compared to MUNCH.

The thing that bought my eye though was the old nice gentlemen on the bike, drinking milk..He was sitting like 20m away from me..though still his post-hard-night alcohol breath seemed pretty impressive..

morning coffee


These day has definitely brought some thoughts to consider… One said

Life is copying art

.. Regarding to the fact that art is creating smth not yet existing, than yes, for sure life IS COPYING art. As most of our surrounding is artificial. For this the actual art must be the reason of the formation of social evolution. But is it really so?.. At some examples, including the expressionism concept,art is actually only satisfying the function of depicting of the existential image of the time.. (Among the iconic pictures is again Munch, SCREAM)…

Sun Francisco Scream

Nevertheless, this evening is a terrible beauty!..enjoy as is let the morning show up answers!.

sunset az


Wednesday free art discovery..

While its 8 days 5 hours and 16 min to the FIFA 2014 start, a bit more than a month till the TOUR DE FRANCE, I am back to ‘recovering’ my art thing..

To start with, I found an interesting documentary about Francis Bacon (British artist born 1909 in Scotland) It is a documentary interview by David Hinton (1988). It follows the artist through his work place to bars and streets, overwhelmed with the ‘inspiring chaos’..

Bacon-6 painting

Art is artificial by its nature..the more fake you make it the more persuasive it looks… (FRANSIS BACON)

In the meantime I started reading the new college book on practice my skills I guess.. So in the Nature part I found Francis Bacon… Born the same 18th century as Shakespeare and Elisabeth l in England.

As paradoxical as it might seem, this Francis was famous for his philosophy essay on natural science..

He believed the biggest humans problem is that we are human at first.. So to perceive the world we just need to observe nature around us…

So following up the art theme I’m looking forward to the nice evening at the PHOENIX ART MUSEUM… Free entrance on Wed till 9pm!!

The thing I am really looking forward is to look through the ‘between war’ expressionists.. The very famous piece (sadly not in az museum) SCREAM by Munch was part of the BACON’s most interested themes. Every other modern era has a scream of its own..


Monday – Funday..

THE WEEKENDS have ended, bringing the new wave of energy and inspiration for the new week..

Last 48 HOURS has been kind of experiment… It started on SAT 6:00 from Giro followed by the discovery of the new Scottsdale Farmers Market..

Fun place.. Smells like home.. Every other Ukrainian Grandmother has this charming garden with trees, moist air and bitter-sweet smell of herbs and growing fresh goods..combined with the really hard work and the nice traditional dinner in the end of the day…

Although next time bringing cash, as waiting in the line for credit cards can make you old…thats how long it takes! Nice atmosphere – much better for the hangout and wood-fire baked pizza lunch than the actual shopping..


Running home for breakfast showed you only need 5min to make it and 10 min to eat..quicker than reading a takeout menu..

Keeping to the schedule rushed to the gym with a basketball, run and swim-pool.

But next is even more stuff – how about the open air Shakespeare play ‘FAIRY WORLDS.

And yes I’m still crazy passioned about the goat milk
Interesting play..lack professionalism.. The sound wasn’t operated right and the actors could be more particular with the intonations.. But it made me think of the potential of this kinds of acts.. How about the Rap Opera?.. or the modern ballet with the old Russian classical style just in the middle of desert?.. It also might be Jim Jarmusch style short play sketches combined with fancy casual cheeseburger dinner?..


The SUNDAY day brought the finishing 21 stage of Giro D’ITALIA. Nario Quitano made my true and sincere..worthful win!

Japanese say

Everything ends up with sunset…and only the night ends with sunrise.


New week, new Monday… New breakfast and time to run!!