Art Under Fire – Premier

Art Under Fire – a documentary about the new generation of contemporary Ukrainian artists in the context of the historical background of USSR till Revolution of Honor in 2014.

Art Under Fire is a documentary filmed by the artists in a context of their inhabitance. It was created during over ten years of historic events. The footage was filmed in Ukraine, UK, and the USA. Art Under Fire tells a story of the formation of New Ukrainian Artists Collective, the first generation of artists to grow up in the independent Ukraine. The interviews were taken from the main Ukrainian and international art professionals. It is as sincere and bold as the contemporary Ukrainian art, art that is trying to figure its way out of the post-USSR past.

Director: Mariia Pasichnyk

Masha Pasichnyk
Cvica Rabinovich
Taras Shkurenko
Ignat Solomko

Mariia Pasichnyk
Lonesome Dog Records

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