Sky is No Limit

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My new art series is about this impossibility to stop cycling. You just don’t stop, however, out-of-this-world the circumstances around you seem to be.

The idea of the project is to prove that the sky is no limit. The project is a combination of the series of paintings and an epic road bike ride through the Bolivian salt flat, Salar de Uyuni. It all started with me discovering the unique phenomenon – the world’s largest salt flat in Bolivia. Few times a year, during the rainy seasons, the whole plain gets flooded with a thin layer of water. This makes it the perfect mirror, that is in fact, used by NASA to calibrate satellite orbits. Looking through endless photos, where this amazing natural wonder made it appear like people were floating effortlessly in between the clouds, made me remember my childhood airplane dreaming. But also, it reminded me of that feeling on the bicycle, when you are going for a long ride and completely zone out at some point. It seems, sometimes, that the surrounding scenery blends altogether and all you see is the sky and a road that disappears in a skyline.

Then, I imagined a dream ride in Salar de Uyuni. The whole peloton that only knows one way: straight ahead. The concept of a dream, that became an obsessive idea, over which one loses sleep, visually combined road cycling and the Bolivian salt flat phenomenon in my head.

I created a series of paintings that depicted that imaginary race. To sum up the project, I am currently planning to go to Bolivia to cross the desert on my road bike and film the experience. The idea is to prove that even the sky is no limit. I will also do a live painting session in Salar de Uyuni and make a final presentation with an artist talk and discussion back in the US.

Wonder how I got to this point? Read a story behind these paintings here!

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