Problem of Choice

“Problem of Choice” symbolizes the whole consuming culture that they created. They unite everyone from a President to your next neighbor.  I admire the concept of marketing and it’s power to affect us both physically and mentally. I used acrylics on canvas as my main medium, while working on this series to recreate a plastic-like texture and an attractive ‘photoshopped’ gloss. Because isn’t it what our everyday world looks like lately?..

Originally I was inspired by Andreas Gursky and his search for patterns in the “99 Cent” work, that I saw in person at Pinchuck Art Gallery in Kyiv. Obviously, Andy Warhol stayed in the back of my mind as well. He was that person who accented mass-produced culture and made people worship it.

However, my idea draws more parallels with a theory of absurd. I underline the thrive to create a perfect product and the lust of having the neverending options.

P.S. I also love sugar..

Check out how the ‘Raw Meat and Fish’ painting series were created here! 440 lb. of ice and dedicated models.

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